About Karen Blaauw Collection

Karen Blaauw Collection provides the services a consumer needs to make the perfect ring purchase.


Our team has been chosen with care. Our highest value – trust.


Our beautiful rings are priced significantly lower than the market value without compromising on service and quality.


Our trusted, friendly, knowledgeable sales team will take as much time as you need to purchase the perfect ring.


Our diamonds are purchased with the care our customers deserve.


And, if desired, our designers will carefully create a custom ring just for you. To learn more about the process of having a custom ring designed for you, please click here.


Meet the team

Karen Blaauw /


Karen’s 30 years of experience in the teaching and service industries in both Canada and the United States coupled with the large network she has in both countries lead her to begin this venture selling diamond jewelry. Highly regarded as a person of trust and integrity, Karen will ensure the product you purchase is of the finest quality at prices which are well under the market value.


Samantha Jefferies-Pellegrino /

Fine Jewelry Professional

Samantha brings twenty six years in the teaching field and seventeen years in the service industry, to partner with you in finding the finest diamond ring for your celebration. Education and service combined bring a dynamic bundle of experience to your consultations. Enjoy a comfortable atmosphere in the Niagara Wine Region, as Samantha attends to the details of your fine diamond ring acquisition.