About Us

About Karen Blaauw Collection

Karen Blaauw Collection provides the services a consumer needs to make the perfect ring purchase.

Our team has been chosen with care. Our highest value is trust.

Our beautiful rings are priced significantly lower than the market value without compromising on service and quality.

Our trusted, friendly, knowledgeable sales team will take as much time as you need to purchase the perfect ring.

Our diamonds are purchased with the care our customers deserve.

And, if desired, our designers will carefully create a custom ring just for you.

Our Agreement To You

If you choose to purchase your ring with us, we have some unique benefits such as:
– Certified Conflict-Free (this means that the diamonds we use are ethically sourced through the the Kimberly Process).

– We guarantee our diamonds are secure and set with the best quality and craftsmanship.

– We offer a 1-year warranty: if you lose any side diamonds other than the center diamond, we will replace them for free up to one year from receiving the ring.

– We only sell “eye-clean” diamonds. (Every diamond has flaws. Period. But with the “eye-clean” diamonds we use, you're not going to see any inclusions (flaws) with your naked eye.)

-A generous donation to Hope International (a Christian micro finance non-profit) will be made when you purchase.


Talk To a Representative

Send us your vision of what your perfect ring looks like, and one of our trusted sales reps will get in contact with you.

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